Sunday, February 15, 2009

SWEET Friends!

Last night I had a couple of surprise visitor's, in their hands were a couple of sweet treats. One, a box of beautiful sugar cookies and a box with a just as beautiful chocolate covered strawberry, that one was for the MAN of the house. Obviously my son thought that the sugar cookies were for him as he ate all but one. I have to say that I have the most beautiful,sweet, kind,generous,and thoughtful friends in the universe, nobody could ask for that much in a friend and I have happened upon it more than once , I feel very blessed in the friend department, I seem to pick the good ones or they seem to pick me, either way I'm very LUCKY. Thank you!!!!!

Taylor looks like a blind person in this pic sniffing the cookie!

This dish cloth is so cool they had sewn a heart shape piece of scotch bright on the cloth for scrubbing! cool huh? Oh and so beautifully packaged!


Pamela said...

taylor looks like a happy camper with that cookie.

Ella said...

Looks like you have a bunch of great friends !BTW,this is NOT Ella ! But I do know your acct info babe !;-)