Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breast Cancer Quilt for MOM

This is a quilt that I made For my mom For Mother's day 2007 , Well ok, so she helped with it, We actually started this project together I purchased the fabric and pattern and thought it would be a great idea to spend time with her ,so we got started right a way on making the blocks, after a few times of getting together we finally got the blocks done,my mom was not into pinning at all , so to take some stress out of it I went a head and finished the quilt,quilted and bound it and gave it to her for mothers day. To say the least I think she was very relieved that there would be no more pinning Yaaaaa! I had decided on this fabric because it was so cute for one, and my mom had breast cancer many years ago and survived (thank the Lord)so I thought it would be a good memory to go with the bad, hopefully to somewhat over ride the bad. I also made one for me but have never finished mine, I just need to quilt and bind it.

This post go's out to all you moms, daughters grandmothers and friends. My wish for you is this: if you ever have to endure such a thing you or who ever you know going through it you too will come through with flying colors. Best wishes to all, now go give that's special lady in your life a hug and tell her that you LOVE her.
This is the quilt all finished

This is the back of the quilt.
This a a picture of my diaper bag that I made for Olivia, my sweet, sweet baby.

This is Olivia's little doll Pammy, my good friend Kim made this little fleece doll and brought it to the hospital for her and it reminded me of my friend Pamela it just looks like her style (I LOVE IT)so I named her pammy after seeing a recent post on her blog that her nick name was pammy and I just thought it was cute so I named her.:) I have such wonderful friend! Yay me!

This a car seat quilt that I made for Olivia Pam volunteered to stitch her name on it and it looks fabulous,(thank you Pamela)!

Olivia's modeling debut:Here miss Olivia is sporting a fabulous quilt made my her mother, this is the one her mother made for her sister and decided to keep it for her self because it matches all the other things her mother made, for the car seat and the diaper bag.
Here Miss Olivia is showing you how versatile she is, she can go from one quilt to the other and not miss a beat. Look at that girl go! This is a quilt was made for her little cousin Lexus. You will notice it is not yet finished but Miss Olivia makes it work!

Dang she makes that look Good!
Miss Olivia works it like she own the runway! WOW she will be going places.


tammy said...

That is one seriously cute baby!! (And diaper bag!) You have been very busy, Ella my girl!

Ella said...

Thank you Miss Tammy, I think she is pretty darn cute.

Drew and Kristine said...

Wow! You have been busy! So cute! I love it all!

Pamela Cardwell said...

I love pammy! Olivia is a one stylin' 2 month old! Just like her Mama.

Hot One said...

well sister i didnt see a place to post a comment about our beautiful and graceful mama so i hope this is ok! I just wanted to say sister that we are so lucky our mama did pull through that horrible disease that has robbed so many beautiful women of their lives! and my heart goes out to their loved ones who had to suffer through watching them suffer especially when they didnt win the battle!! And to all the women who have been through what my sister and i have been through and to the wonderful and courageous women who whent through what our mama whent through all of my love,best wishes and prayers go out to all of you and your families!!! Everyone please pray for a cure for breast cancer so no more women have to suffer through this and do anything you can to support the breast cancer awareness foundation Please!!! love you sis!!!

Peggy said...

That quilt looks fabulous finished! I love it! Of course, Olivia looks even more fabulous. She is such a cutie!

kellieanne said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the contrasting back.

You sure have been a busy mama! Olivia has filled out quite a bit. She is her mom all over.