Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Beautiful Oldest Daughter

This is me and my beautiful daughter Ashley.I just want to write a little something to her to let her know that I do love her very much I know she doesn't think so but there is some thing that she needs to know, that no matter how things are between us, a mother always loves her children no matter what, there is nothing that a child can do to make a mother or parent not love them. that love is always there.So, that being said ,here are a few pics of Ashley, for those of you who have not seen her for a while.

Here Ashley is posing for her self she is always taking her own pictures!

This is Ashley and I at girls camp we had a great time!

This is Ashley Isabella and Bryson. I had another picture a minute ago but I clicked and it was gone ,not sure where it went?

This one is Ashley and Isabella. GO STEELERS!

This one is Ashley Isabella and myself. Isabella's first Christmas

These are early pics of Ashley and I fishing at strawberry res. Most of those fish are one's that i caught.:)

Ashley boating.

Ashley and I behind the apartment we rented in Florida.

Ashley at her Graduation.

Ashley and I at her Graduation we are so proud of her.

And her is the true form of Ashley she is, well a she devil yep but again I still love her, cause she is my little devil!


Pamela said...

You are the best mom "a little devil" could ask for. keep up the good work! pamela

Drew and Kristine said...

Ella! That is such a sweet post! Love ya tons!

tammy said...

You guys have some great pictures and memories together, I bet! Come to think of it...I really can't remember many pictures of me & my mom. You are lucky!

kellieanne said...

Ashley is a beautiful girl. She must take after her mother! What a nice post.

bryg33 said...

I couldn't agree more, she is the most beautiful girl!