Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's Next...........

OK she gets a couple of teeth on the 15Th of July ,then the 24Th she starts to crawl she even went up the one stair I have in my house. Watch out here she comes!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ashley and Bryson's Special Day!!!

What a beautiful couple, they look so very happy! The day started out beautiful, we had a lovely luncheon , that Dean and Becky organized, for the the whole family. Its was very Yummy and oh so sweet of Bryson's Parents.
I still can not believe we have a daughter who is now married. I told Vince as I was Changing Olivia's diaper that morning, that it was just not right to have one daughter getting married and changing the other one's diaper.
They Had the whole thing catered by a neighbor and she did an excellent Job, everything was very beautiful besides The food.

We had Auntie Dana out from Florida

My sister Daisy and her kids Cherokee and Lakota.

They even had a grand parents table and there were alot of grand parents.

Cousin Terry from Chicago and Uncle Matt from North Carolina.

Daddy Giving His daughter to the man of her dreams.

Dad walking her down the aisle.

I thought she looked so scared here.

The beautiful brides maids.

The cutest kids there!!!! Oh ya those are my Kids.

Grandma and Grandpa Vance

This is Bryson's Grand parents They were the sweetest couple, I love them, the were so cute!

Taylor is the most Handsome ring bearer and Isabella is the cutest flower girl, everyone rushed so fast down the aisle and the aisle was very short, Isabella was not done with her flower petals so she said I'm not done and went back down the aisle spending her petals all around.

Hot Men at the wedding.

I love this one! It is so rare to see this one.

Olivia got really hot so we took her dress off of her.

She loved the flowers! Ripping them apart that is. Speaking of flowers, Brysons Aunt Did a wonderful Job on them, they were so pretty.

More of that HOT guy at the wedding.

Grand parents

Bryson Dancing with his new little Daughter.

Grandpa even took a turn in holding the pork chop!

The Wedding Cake turned out Beautiful as well. Brysons Aunt Jane did the cake for them.
They did a nice feeding of the cake to each other, it was very sweet.

Ashley wanted to do a Daddy Daughter dance and Vince went along with it(he is not a dancer) But it was very lovely.
Isn't she Lovely
It was a very beautiful Day and I would not trade it for anything, but boy am I glad it is over.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Beautiful Home!

I saw this House in Midway and thought it looked so cool so i pulled over on the country road and snapped a few pics. I thought it looked like a mushroom, it is the coolest house I have seen, it looks like it straight out of a fairytale, I want to live here!!

The whole place was surrounded by this stone wall, very pretty, even the back yard had a fence like this complete with the arch way. I love the charm this house has, it also has a bunch of other building on the property.