Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Cutest !!

Olivia had her bath and sat down to watch her show, not even ten minutes later I come in and she is fast asleep.

Today I was taking a show and Olivia came in with this on, I did not put it on her. She put in on all by her self.

She is a pretty independent little girl, she even puts on her own pants socks and shoes. One day she came out of her room with a complete out fit for me to put on her complete with a top a skirt and a pair of sox. She is too too funny!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


16 months that is, one of my friends is learning to be a photographer so we got to be her model, these are my shots of her, not very good I know! I defiantly needs lots of help and practice. But I did catch some good expressions of her. She is mommy's little sweet heart.

I think this one is a super sweet look on her face!

She was getting tired, her eyes started to droop she sat in the same place for a very long time oh and I found out she really likes barbies .
She would not put those dolls down.

What a beautiful Baby girl! And she is mine!!! I can't believe God would give such beautiful children to me. I'm a pretty Lucky Lady!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We took a trip to southern UT, we found some good trails to take the ranger on, Olivia loved to ride in the ranger, she was not afraid at all.
This reminded me of our days going to moab, picking our line to go up with out rolling the vehicle, here I rolled back and caught some air!! WAA- HOO!!!! Scary!
Here are my two little hams!
The kids were trying to get the bunny's to come to them, they actually got really close to them! Olivia is not afraid of anything, she reminds me of her big sister.
This is one of our camp spots, we had a few we ended up in Salina it was pretty fun there we stayed in a park called butch cassidy!
The Butch Cassidy park had a bird aviary, it was really neat!!
Taylor preferred to ride the bike with dad!!!
This was so funny, I leaned out of the trailer with the camera and said hey Olivia look over here, she leans towards Taylor and Hams it up!! What a cutie! I took a lot more pics but it would take all night to upload. You can check them out on my facebook.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Filled Day!!!!!

What a perfect day! We started out going to the movies, we went to see How to train your Dragon, What a great movie..... so cute!
then we came back home and colored Easter eggs. Isabella kept telling Taylor I'm the putter in girl, she wanted to be the one to put all the eggs in the cartons, then she told Taylor, hey Taylor you can be the putter in Boy and I can be the putter in Girl. LOL
Isabella was so cute coloring eggs, she got a little carried away putting the eggs in the bowls, she colored three dozen to Taylor's one dozen. And just stuck her hand right in the colors.

Notice the purple is a little low?

Well This is Olivia after she dumped the purple bowl on her, By the way eggs coloring does not come out of clothes.
After the purple mishap we put her in her high chair with bowls and plastic eggs. She had fun any way.
She sorted her eggs, and put them all in one bowl, She started out with three.
Isabella's Grandma (Robin) and Aunt Andrea Came over after we all went to the movies to color eggs.

After coloring eggs, we headed out side to blow a few bubbles. They had fun with that, Taylor would blow the bubbles and Isabella would pop them...... with her tongue! Silly girl!!

Then after the bubble's ran out we went up the see the sheep. They loved that, the kids that is not the sheep, they were a little scared. LOL

It was a great day! Fun was had by all!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

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