Monday, August 16, 2010

A Few Good Men..........UMMM Boys!!!!

Here are our Troops! These boys are off to BOOT CAMP!!
And a few of them are little hams for the camera!
Private: Taylor Lung
AKA: Birthday Boy!
Sharp shooter,mom and dad waker upper at six in the morning! To go do his training.

Private: Mckay Shumway
AKA: Baby Sitter
Boy who is most helpful,
Taylor's mom and dad waker upper at 6 AM.
Private: Jory Hill
AKA:Boy who sleeps with gun! Mr. Sharp Shooter
Boy who dries dishes, Taylor's mom and dad waker upper at 6AM
Private: Britton Dodger
AKA: Master Mess Man
Boy who dries dishes,and defies authority, asks if we have to clean the cabin EVERY time we come up to Too funny! ?Also Taylor's Mom and Dad waker upper at 6 AM.
Private: Olivia Lung
AKA: Baby Sargent
Little girl mess maker or girl who like to scatter all her toys after mom picks them up for the hundredth time. Make good points with Mom and Dad no wakie at 6 AM.
Sorry this next pic is too light!

Boot camp started out with all the boys coming over and getting a buzz cut before we were off to the cabin in Rockport.
The Boys took turns buzzing each other, they had fun with that, first to get a cut was Private Shumway.
They thought it would be funny to first give him an old mans Hair cut, so they shaved a round spot on the top of his head.
Next was Private Taylor he got to have a couple boys working on him they also gave him a snazzy hair do.
They missed a few spots!!!
Oh com on Private Hill it don't hurt!!!
After they were all done Mom had to straighten it up a bit, here is the after pic. WOW what is this? Private Britton NOT getting a buzz? See what I mean about defiance? He did not want to get his hair buzzed, so he didn't.
Rowdy Boys! Here Private Shumway is giving Private Dodger a buzz with his fingers!
Still Buzzing!!
These are our troops going to the cabin in the bus,AKA suburban! Don't they look so happy? (boy they don't know what there in for) :)
After going to the Cabin to drop off food and supplies we picked up an extra guest and headed to the local Pizza Joint! We sat and waited for about an hour for our Pizza, now this is a Pizza Joint that we frequent often and have never on the busiest of night waited this long NEVER! So Mom go's down to see about when it will be done, because the troops are getting restless and starting to get on some nerves, come to find out they have not got out pizza's done and they have not even started them, now if you did not have to pay before you get your order we might have just walked out. But they more than took care of us after they got our pizza's to us we all got to have ice cream from their parlor ON THE HOUSE!!! Yaaaah! Sweet!
Private Olivia Likes Pizza too!
See what I meant when I said the troops were getting restless? They started to sit in the baby seats, got into the knife and ice and everything they could thing of.
Finally Boot camp begins!!!
Here is part of the course were you have to balance on the barrel while walking it over to the other end of the rope. Easy right? Ya, for a nine year old, not for Mom!
This is the barbwire crawl! (this course not set up with real barbwire)
After crawling under the barbwire (aka purple rope) one of the troops had rocks down his pant and in his boots! LOL Sorry buddy mom could not resist!

This was really the start and end of the course, these are the tire walkers, ok well they were jogging through them.
Master Sargent : Vince Lung AKA: DAD or Taylor's Dad! He ran the course with his troops!
Dad did the barrel roll and all!
this is how it ends with the tongue out!
After a few times through the course, the boys needed a little bit of all boy time, so Vince took them out and set up targets to shoot their AK 47's well ok they were just little BB guns, but did that not sound cool? Britton could not figure this thing out very well so Vince had to show him how it was done!
Simultaneous shooters!
This is one HOT trooper here!
Oh ya this one too!! Vince showing Private Dodger how to hold the gun and that he needed to look down the barrel with his right eye and not the left.
I had a friend of Mine make the cake for me! She made this really cute tank cake! Thanks Miss Jeanette!
Troops on present patrol! Except Olivia looks like she is making off with the presents! LOL
Isn't he just the cutest 9 year old boy you ever did see? Well I think so cause I'm his Mom!
Mr. Baby sitter on duty! Private Shumway was so cute with Olivia, she just adored him, she would not leave him alone, where ever he went she was sure to follow and proceed to climb up were her was! All in all it was a great weekend for the boy! Mom on the other hand is TIRED! That was exhausting!! Woo, done for another year!