Saturday, February 21, 2009

Something To Think About...........

This is a tragic story about a funeral my husband attended the other day, I was not able to attend because I had a sick kid at home and a baby to tend to. He told me when he arrived at the funeral home 15 minutes before the funeral was to start there was a line out the door , down the street and around the corner for a viewing.It took him 45 minutes to get to the door. Now I did not know this guy, but I did know his brother. Vince was good friend with the bother, and they both died the same way, they shot theirselves , Vince's friend over the break up with his wife and the brother was pulled over by police and had earlier been in an accident with a company truck. Now that is what insurance is for, can it be that bad that you have to kill your self? I don't think so there must have been more to it than that. And here are my thoughts: Have you ever been down in the dumps? Try to talk to someone and get the brush off or call someone and never get a call back or they just simply can't talk to you because they don't have the time? Maybe he tried to talk to someone and was left alone to deal with what ever it was he was trying to deal with, you never know just how much somebody needs YOU, if for nothing but to listen to them. And I'm sure everyone at least once in there life has felt hopeless, worthless like nobody care about them and you wonder what it would be like to die? Would anyone care?Sometimes you might think that every one would be better off with out you ! But that is just not true! Everybody is worth something, to someone, but we are too busy to tell that someone how much they mean to us , but we have time to go to a funeral and stand in line to see the dead body, that can't talk to you, can't hug you, and can't tell you how he is feeling anymore because he has taken his own life over a wrecked truck or was it more than that? I know one thing, the mother to those two boys does not deserve to go through this not only once but twice, her only two kids committing suicide. How must she feel? So please if you care about someone let them know while they are living, even if its not a suicide they could die at any moment you never know when that will be. And I'm not saying go out and talk to everyone you know, but just remember to take the time if someone reaches out to you to reach back, I think it could make all the difference.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Quilts........

OK most of these quilts are actually mine, this is a cowboy quilt I did for Taylor last Christmas.

This is the back of the quilt.
This one somebody actually gave me well Olivia,
and it was from a couple of sweet girls.

This is the one that I made for my Little Olivia.

It has cute cherry's machine quilted on it.

This is the back of the quilt I made for my husband a couple years ago for Fathers Day.

This is also made with the just can't cut it pattern.
It has flames quilted on it.

This is one I made for me and I quilted paisleys on it.

This one I think is call lone star I'm not sure It's kinda made up.

This one Taylor made this year for Isabella for x-mas.
He even did the machine quilting on it him self.

This is a gain( just can't cut it pattern) and this one I made for Taylor.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some of my Quilts

This is a quilt I made for my Mother in law for Mothers Day of 2007, I found the teapot fabric and thought she might like it, so I found some other component's to match and put it all together, the pattern I used is called just can't cut it I have got my moneys worth on that pattern. It is a very easy pattern, plus it is very easy to pick fabrics for it, you pick a main fabric, one that is a large print works great, then you just pick five other fabrics for the pieced blog,easy peasy,I love it that's why I use it so much.

This is a quilt that I made for a special friend who was have her first girl baby! I made a quilt similar to this one for my baby girl and I used the left over stuff on hers, I love that you can get more than one project out of work and fabric.

This is the back to a quilt I made for a lady that donated the quilt to the no more homeless pets of Utah, the quilt was auctioned off and it brought $1350.00. Cool huh?

This is one of my favorite quilts that I have made,I love the color combination, it was very pretty fabric and I don't really like dog fabric, but this one was awesome!

This one was also using the just can't cut it pattern.

This one is a quilt I made for the same lady for her husband's birthday. same pattern as the above quilt.

This is the back of my valentine's quilt.

This quilt was made from charm packs.

This one is just a fun bright quilt I made for my Grand Daughter Isabella.

This is a signature quilt I made for a special friend who was just feeling down.

This one I made for another special friend who was having a boy baby.

This one my friend Pam and I made for a special friend to cheer her up after having her last baby.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

SWEET Friends!

Last night I had a couple of surprise visitor's, in their hands were a couple of sweet treats. One, a box of beautiful sugar cookies and a box with a just as beautiful chocolate covered strawberry, that one was for the MAN of the house. Obviously my son thought that the sugar cookies were for him as he ate all but one. I have to say that I have the most beautiful,sweet, kind,generous,and thoughtful friends in the universe, nobody could ask for that much in a friend and I have happened upon it more than once , I feel very blessed in the friend department, I seem to pick the good ones or they seem to pick me, either way I'm very LUCKY. Thank you!!!!!

Taylor looks like a blind person in this pic sniffing the cookie!

This dish cloth is so cool they had sewn a heart shape piece of scotch bright on the cloth for scrubbing! cool huh? Oh and so beautifully packaged!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Belle PEEP!!

Some body left their peeps on the couch(TAYLOR)and then somebody left Little Belle PEEP(ASHLEY)
and Little Belle PEEP decided she was hungry so she grabbed the closest thing to her, a box of opened PEEPs and started to munch and this is how we found her, she jumped when she was caught and looked at us so cute like, course Taylor was not amused at her cuteness, she had quite the sugar high! Any way just thought I would share some cute pic's , so here they are.She is about 5 month old. Its no wonder she is such a little sweetie she had all that sugar back then.
Little sugar Baby!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Here is the coolest car a teenage girl could have(well at least in my opinion) and yes I said teenage and girl. This was Ashley's car in her senior year of high school (spoiled BRAT)Ya her dad let her drive this car (even after I told him NO) and told her she could have it when she graduates with grades of a B and above well she got B's and Above so she got the car. It did not last long, the car was wrecked when we purchased it,Vince fixed it, the car then was wrecked again (by Ashley) $10,000 worth of damage (hood alone cost $2000) to say the least it took a while to fix the car (collecting parts)I said (don't give it back to her, she is not careful)Dad gives it back. After the car was officially hers it was wrecked again and that is the crash you see here,it was TOTALED$17,000 this time,( too bad to fix)BUT this time was NOT her fault. She was very sad, and so were her dad and I this car was going to be part of our Firebird, Trans Am collection.

The next picture you see of the windshield was the imprint of Grandpa's arm, we had all just gone to lunch and we were right in front of her in our 67 convertible Firebird, so lucky it did not hit that car, still not fun.

Front end damage!

Mangled hood!

Battery acid everywhere!

Tore the hood right off the car!