Monday, February 16, 2009

Some of my Quilts

This is a quilt I made for my Mother in law for Mothers Day of 2007, I found the teapot fabric and thought she might like it, so I found some other component's to match and put it all together, the pattern I used is called just can't cut it I have got my moneys worth on that pattern. It is a very easy pattern, plus it is very easy to pick fabrics for it, you pick a main fabric, one that is a large print works great, then you just pick five other fabrics for the pieced blog,easy peasy,I love it that's why I use it so much.

This is a quilt that I made for a special friend who was have her first girl baby! I made a quilt similar to this one for my baby girl and I used the left over stuff on hers, I love that you can get more than one project out of work and fabric.

This is the back to a quilt I made for a lady that donated the quilt to the no more homeless pets of Utah, the quilt was auctioned off and it brought $1350.00. Cool huh?

This is one of my favorite quilts that I have made,I love the color combination, it was very pretty fabric and I don't really like dog fabric, but this one was awesome!

This one was also using the just can't cut it pattern.

This one is a quilt I made for the same lady for her husband's birthday. same pattern as the above quilt.

This is the back of my valentine's quilt.

This quilt was made from charm packs.

This one is just a fun bright quilt I made for my Grand Daughter Isabella.

This is a signature quilt I made for a special friend who was just feeling down.

This one I made for another special friend who was having a boy baby.

This one my friend Pam and I made for a special friend to cheer her up after having her last baby.


Pamela said...

if you haven't noticed...most of those quilts you made are for other are too good to be true! all those quilts look wonderful, your are an inspirational quilter pamela

tammy said...

Hey! I see my quilt!! And $1350.00!! WOW, that is pretty amazing, Ella. You should feel pretty good about that!

kellieanne said...

Do you have any quilts you've made for yourself? Isn't funny how so many of them find a different home. Thank goodness you were smart enough to take pictures!

Ella said...

Yes Kelly One of those quilts is mine its the ValEtines one. And I am so glad I took pictures. I think I might make Me a few now. Ya right!

JoMamma said...

They are all so beautiful! I can't imagine the time you put into each of them. I'm very impressed.

kd said...

Dear, sweet Ella! I was so excited to get your (beautiful) card in the mail today. I am equally happy to see your blog! I see that you are the same as I remember...overflowing with creativity, talent and a giving heart. THAT is why you have such lovely takes one to know one :) Ashley, Belle, Taylor and Olivia are all beautiful. They sound like characters on a soap opera...haha! Ross still brings up our visit out there once in a while. His most vivid memories are playing videos with Ashley in your camper and busting up dirt clods in Uncle Hank's back yard. Yes, it's the simple things in life we remember most :) I would dearly love to come back out for a visit. I miss Marilyn & Hank. I am terrible about writing (& calling & emailing, etc.) We just seem to always be moving at the speed of light, from one thing to the next. I actually have a blog that I've been doing for a couple of years now. I don't do as much commentary on mine, but I try to post pics as often as I can for my sister & brother to see. It never occured to me to share with my ENTIRE family. What can I say...I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer :(
My kids are growing up as fast as everyone elses it seems. Ross will be 16 this summer and is learning how to drive (eek...thanks for the wreck photos!) He loves to play his guitar (electric) and STILL loves playing video games. Sara will be 12 in a couple of weeks. She dearly loves all living creatures, especially dogs and horses. She takes riding lessons (western) every week and I am convinced she would trade her brother for a horse without a second thought. She is in 4-H this year and is loving it as well. Dave & I are still flipping houses. I just posted some pics of one we are working on right now on my blog.
Well, thanks again for reaching out to reconnect! I am looking forward to keeping in touch. Tell Vince I said hello & tell Marilyn & Hank that I send my love to them also. Talk to you soon! Kathy

kd said...


Told you I wasn't to sharp! lol!

Piglet de' Erin said...

wow, such beautiful quilts and way to go on the 1300 dollars! wow.