Monday, February 28, 2011

My Little Princess..cess....cess!!

This is sweet Princess Olivia!!! She makes the most beautiful Princess!!

Isabella Came to visit us this weekend and she brought with her dress ups, it was so cute, she let Olivia wear one of her dress's. Olivia LOVED IT!! I guess I know what my next purchase for Olivia is......
Here is the Princess Isabella!!! Her and Olivia were fighting over the one crown we had in the house. Now I know why her mother calls or a drama queen! Wow everything was a crisis and then some. I think she just is not use to sharing time with her Mema or toys or really anything else. She was constantly asking why does Olivia get this ?why does Olivia have that? I want one....
She is the most beautiful 5 yr old Princess EVER!!!!
Here is the Taylor! He wanted to be in on this... he even tried the pink skirt on with his camo but i did not get a pic of that one. Dang it!! After all that princess Play Taylor and Isabella played army stuff. He was the Husband and she the wife and I think they had about or six baby's And they took them on to the battle field together as a family Isabella was even packing heat until she got shot and she dropped the gun on Taylor and actually hurt him LOL . It was the funniest thing to watch and listen to, Isabella kept telling Taylor... Honey..... can you get the baby's a blanket? Taylor... um I'm going to the army store. Isabella...... well Honey then Kiss They kissed just like a little couple. It was so cute! I can't believe Taylor played along with the whole thing.
My favorite part was his response to the Honey can you get the baby's blanket.... It was just like a man response I think I'm am going to have to teach my son some different way. I may have to limit time with his Grandpa and his Dad!!!jk
It was a great weekend and so glad that I got to see my sweet granddaughter!!!
Here the lighting was better on Taylor's pic. I'm still learning on the camera and some times I forget to adjust the light intake!!!