Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer fun

This is a little bit of what we have been doing this summer.....
for those that don't know... I have been taking care of my niece for about a month and a half .
I have been trying to keep them all busy as possible, having two 2 yr old has been a bit of an adjustment for me, now I know what its like to have a set of twins(sorta).
We found this awesome park this summer, it is a pond that has a beach front and on one side you can swim and the other you can fish, it is the coolest place ever. The kids Love it!!

We have also had a lot of back yard adventures, Taylor has been very helpful with the girls, trying to keep them out of trouble is a big job.

We have also had a few adventures at Grandpas cabin, they also love it there, all new thing to get into.
Add VideoWe finally got to use the back seat in the ranger, the girls love riding back there as you can see. Just wanted to share a few pics with you all hope you are having a great summer as well.