Saturday, September 26, 2009

A couple of Boys and a couple of Dad's

The Boys went to the BYU Game today! They had a lot of fun, Taylor was so excited to get to wear his new Byu T shirt, Grandma went allover town to try to find all the guys a shirt to wear to the game.
This one does my heart good, I love to see Taylor and his Dad spending time together. :)
No game is complete with out the foam finger!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet the Newest member....

Meet Bob, he spells it backwards. This is Taylor's new Turtle. My mom had him since he was a baby, he was about the size of a half dollar, very small. She was no longer able to take care of him. Of course his name was not bob, we picked him up and Taylor ask what we should name him, I told him grandma said his name is big boy, Taylor said NO what about Bob? You know mom the guy that comes in the shop with the black Corvette? I said ya, he said Him I said OK so we named him Bob. Except this Bob don't drive a black Corvette, he just sports a 10 gal tank with some fancy floating rock and stone in the bottom.
He try's to burrow down in the ground, puts his bum in the air. Silly Turtle!!!
Olivia like to chase Bob around in the grass, Bob moves pretty fast, I thought turtle's were suppose to be slow? Not this one!!! Bob in the corvette is a pretty fast mover too, 11.99 sec. in the quarter mile! I haven't clocked Bob the turtle.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Taylor's Picnic

Here we are at the top of the mountain in rock port. Taylor had planned a wonderful picnic for everyone, he was so excited the night before he had loaded the ranger up with all the thinks he thought we should have on our picnic. He loaded enough chairs for everyone and some tables ,paper towels ect. He discussed the picnic menu over with grandma and every one accommodated him. He drove us up, up, up, the mountain then we got to the top and it had a lovely view on both side of the mountain. He sat it all up just how he wanted it. It was so fun and very sweet of him to think about. I love this boy!!!
You would never know that there were cabins in this picture, we could see ours from here although it was a little spec you could tell which one it was.
It got a little cold at the top all grandpa had in his four wheeler was a poncho

First grandma gave him the picnic table clothe to cover up with. We ate our lunch and looked t the beautiful view and then loaded up and went back to the cabin. He was so happy and proud of him self. Oh wait maybe that's me being proud of him. He is a great boy.