Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Uh -Oh its Magic!!

Ok this is the most awesome thing since the toilet seat. Vince found a little tip on the Internet on how to clean the leather in your car. So I tried it. And it works so awesome!!! I can not tell you how awesome this is. And how I have spent countless hours in the past cleaning leather and it never has looked this good.On the Internet it said to use simple green and Mr. clean magic erasers on your leather.So I went out to purchase just that. I put water, YES just plain old water, on a Mr. Clean sponge and went to town on the leather in my Escalade. It is amazing, I could not believe my eyes. It came so clean ,and the pictures you are about to see do not do it justice! I also used it on the door panels, all that dirt down in the fine cracks, came out with little effort. I am so excited about this I just had to share. I hope this helps!
On this on I rubbed the right hand upper part of the seat, see the clean spot?

Can you see the line right down the middle of the seat? Left side is clean ,the right side is grungy! Yuck!!! Is that not the coolest thing ever?

Monday, March 30, 2009

And the WINNER is.............

TARZAN!!!!WAH HOO!!!This is one the the awards won at the autorama this weekend. It is for best in class. This one belongs to the pretty, little Fast,sweet ride of a car, the yellow Corvette (TARZAN)King of the Jungle (racing Jungle ) (street Jungle)Jungle Jungle!!!!!WAH-HOO!!!! We were not in the competition class but they gave us an award for both of the cars. We had to go collect them after the awards ceremony because we did not attend it.So, while I was doing that, they made Vince move the cars out. Now he had Taylor and Olivia and a set of corvette wheels and the rest of the stuff from the booth to move out, so he moved one car and left T and O in the black car then ran back to get the other car.He was parked clear out front by the road, so it was a long jog.We also received an award for the TRANS AM but they ran out of plaques so it will be mailed. It was a fun weekend!! Too long of a car show, 3 days worth, YUCK!!! We had never done this show before and I don't think we will be doing that again. Sorry these Pictures SUCK!!!

1979 TRANS AM, this is Vince's car from High School, we shared our first kiss in this car!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Somebunny Love's Olivia

You know when you have a true friend, When they take so much time and effort (and fabric from their stash) on making a hand made quilt for you or your baby! This one was made by my dear SWEET friend Pamela, who is so very talented in the quilting department, for my sweet little Olivia. She makes up her own patterns for most of her quilt, its amazing,she is an amazing person and I love her very much, I think it was hard for her to do this quilt because she always works on most of her quilts at my house so she had to do it all alone:(
Olivia was not being a happy little model here!! Grumpy, Grumpy!!!

Thank you Pammy for my beautiful quilt that I will love and treasure always, and Thank you for your friend ship to my mommy!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sleeping Baby!

Is this not the most beautiful baby ever? Well I think she is cause she is mine, all mine ! This is the most wonderful time in my life I am enjoying my sweet little Olivia and I just wanted to share a picture of her with you all, so I hope you enjoy looking at her as much as I do! And believe me when I say I spend alot of time just staring at her! I love you My sweet baby girl!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding Belle's !!

Isabella was having such fun trying on little dresses, I caught her hugging this mirror and thought is was such a cute picture that I told her to hug the mirror again, she was not interested, so I told her that her sister was in the mirror and wanted to see her and hug her, she said (my sister!!!) She was so thrilled she started to play with her sister in the mirror. It was very cute.

Here she is trying to hold hands with her sister.

She just danced around on the pedestal's.
She twirled and twirled!! I think she had alot of fun, I know mema (that's me)had alot of fun watching her and taking her picture, she is such a joyful little thing! Then she wondered around asking everyone if they had seen her Prince ,where is my prince? I'm the princess, where is my prince?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Littlest Quilter!

Here Little Miss Olivia is helping Mommy quilt her quilt, she was not happy with the daddy , so mom had to strap her on the front and continue to quilt, she was pretty good through most of it ,as long as the machine was running she was OK, but I had to start and stop alot and she did not like that much.
I thought I would start her out early, she is bound to be a quilter!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Here come's the Bride!

Ashley, my Mom and I went to try on wedding dresses last Saturday , Here are a few that we looked at. This one was very pretty, it has pink flowers on it you can barley see the pink. I loved the bead work on this one.

This one is the one she chose, it was the first one she tried on and the last, everything about it was perfect, especially the fit, it fit like a glove. Its a very beautiful dress and when she walks it looks like she floats. I 'm sure it will look even prettier when her hair is done up.

It looks like she was having a lot of fun picking it out and trying it on.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Too Cute!

Just had to share this cute video of my sweet ,sweet Olivia! Enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

One Scary Mama

Look at this Lovely image of ME! My Mom was over today for a visit and sweet Olivia was sleeping in the swing. She woke up and my Mom picked her up out of the swing, groaning at how heavy she was ,saying she was a little chunk baby I was also talking to her looking at her she started to cry very sad like, and I 'm trying to comfort her, and My mom was also, so I let my mom handle it and she calmed down, I was showing my mom my blog, my mom turns her around and I start talking to her once again she looks at me with this petrified look and started to cry again, my mom calms her again, then I started to talk to her again, same thing, then I realized I had those beautiful rollers in my hair and I was the one she was afraid of, after a few more times of talking to her she finally knew it was her mommy, but she still was giving me a LOOK!
This is my Mom and Olivia.
Look how sad!
She just kept blinking and jerking back with her eye getting bigger and bigger!This video is after she calmed down.I wish you could have seen her earlier.


This is a view of the trailer parking from the roof of our trailer when we arrived to Vegas on Wednesday.It was pretty empty but filled up quickly.Now alot of people consider this redneck ville, well if owning a $350,000 dollar motor home is redneck then color me babe, I'm in, Gitter-done! Our 38 ft fifth wheel with two slides is an average size trailer down there, we were surrounded by the big bus type motor homes that have chandeliers hanging in them. Any way this was our eighth year of going to NASCAR as always it was a lot of fun, Usually they have a lot of giveaway thing like T-shirts sunglasses, mardi-gra beads and just tons of stuff, this year they were handing out packets of tums waa-hoo!!Its still nice to get out of town when it is so cold here in UT . We are thinking this may have been our last trip to NASCAR as it is getting very expensive to go, and we have done it for eight years so I think we need a different thing to do.

Cool Daddy with cute baby!
Youngest Kasey Kayne fan!
I put Olivia in the snugli and walked around Manufacturers row she got all kinds of attention, some people act like they have never seen a baby it was funny, one lady even ask if she was real, she said she looked fake. Maybe she drank a little to much the night before!
Marty and Taylor wanted to push the stroller they both love little Miss Olivia!
This is a golf cart made to look like a Shelby Mustang, a guy standing there informed me that they ONLY wanted $20,000 for one of these, it is street legal and all.

This year instead of it being sponsored UAW Chrysler, the sponsor was Shelby 427, all the years we have been going we get our pics taken at the dodge booth and ford booth.No booths taking picture, just mustangs and cobras displayed.

Grandpa and T checking out the fan view.

This is a friends trailer that they decorated for a 50th surprise birthday party complete with a custom sign that has his driver and his name on it , it was quite awesome!
This one is our camp site lit up with the flood lights.