Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Somebunny Love's Olivia

You know when you have a true friend, When they take so much time and effort (and fabric from their stash) on making a hand made quilt for you or your baby! This one was made by my dear SWEET friend Pamela, who is so very talented in the quilting department, for my sweet little Olivia. She makes up her own patterns for most of her quilt, its amazing,she is an amazing person and I love her very much, I think it was hard for her to do this quilt because she always works on most of her quilts at my house so she had to do it all alone:(
Olivia was not being a happy little model here!! Grumpy, Grumpy!!!

Thank you Pammy for my beautiful quilt that I will love and treasure always, and Thank you for your friend ship to my mommy!!!


Kimmie said...

WOW!! That is an amazing friend you have.... the quilt is beautiful!

JoMamma said...

The Quilt & your friend are amazing. Olivia is getting so big. Such an adorable baby.

Pamela said...

Ella, you are so sweet. I loved making that quilt for Olivia and I hope she will enjoy it as much as I did making it for her and surprising you with it!!! I love you and your whole family. You are amazing!!

Drew and Kristine said...

That is so cute!