Friday, March 6, 2009


This is a view of the trailer parking from the roof of our trailer when we arrived to Vegas on Wednesday.It was pretty empty but filled up quickly.Now alot of people consider this redneck ville, well if owning a $350,000 dollar motor home is redneck then color me babe, I'm in, Gitter-done! Our 38 ft fifth wheel with two slides is an average size trailer down there, we were surrounded by the big bus type motor homes that have chandeliers hanging in them. Any way this was our eighth year of going to NASCAR as always it was a lot of fun, Usually they have a lot of giveaway thing like T-shirts sunglasses, mardi-gra beads and just tons of stuff, this year they were handing out packets of tums waa-hoo!!Its still nice to get out of town when it is so cold here in UT . We are thinking this may have been our last trip to NASCAR as it is getting very expensive to go, and we have done it for eight years so I think we need a different thing to do.

Cool Daddy with cute baby!
Youngest Kasey Kayne fan!
I put Olivia in the snugli and walked around Manufacturers row she got all kinds of attention, some people act like they have never seen a baby it was funny, one lady even ask if she was real, she said she looked fake. Maybe she drank a little to much the night before!
Marty and Taylor wanted to push the stroller they both love little Miss Olivia!
This is a golf cart made to look like a Shelby Mustang, a guy standing there informed me that they ONLY wanted $20,000 for one of these, it is street legal and all.

This year instead of it being sponsored UAW Chrysler, the sponsor was Shelby 427, all the years we have been going we get our pics taken at the dodge booth and ford booth.No booths taking picture, just mustangs and cobras displayed.

Grandpa and T checking out the fan view.

This is a friends trailer that they decorated for a 50th surprise birthday party complete with a custom sign that has his driver and his name on it , it was quite awesome!
This one is our camp site lit up with the flood lights.


Pamela said...

Your weekend at Nascar looks like to much fun. Right in the middle of it all. Cars, Cars, Cars. Love the head phones at the track. Too Funny! Olivia looks right at home. Glad to have to home safe and sound

kd said...

Looks like you had a great time! I am jealous :) I saw Henry was there...where was Auntie M? The kiddo's looked like they had a good time too--Even baby "O" :)

ttys - xo k

Peggy said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad you had such a good time!!

tammy said...

She is the cutest little Nascar fan ever!! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Coydies said...

I loved this! You guys are so cool. I love that you guys are so into Nascar! I love that you and Olivia got to spend time together in the warmth. You guys look like such a great family. I just love you!!!