Friday, March 20, 2009

Stolen Prince!

Looks like Isabella found her a prince! Its someone elses prince but I'm sure her Mommy will share him! Isabella went with us to pick out wedding dresses she tried on a dress and was calling her self the princess and wondering around the store asking where her prince was, she had several lady's talking to her and saying how sweet and cute she is. Grandma Vance told her maybe she had to kiss something to turn it into her prince so she kissed grandma and said no you are not my prince, grandma said maybe if you kiss me twice I will turn into your prince,still no, then she wanted to try it out on me,still NO prince,I think this was grandmas way of getting lots of kisses and that's ok cause I got some of those kisses. Bryson came to pick her up and she layed one on him, and said yep that's my prince! Just moments before Bryson arrived grandma put some lips stick on her, so now Bryson got to wear the lip stick on his cheek! She is such a sweet little angel. I love you! Isabella. Love Mema.


Coydies said...

Oh my this is the best little blog. I love this. She is so stinking cute and what a fun little picture. i love this, you get an A+ from me. Love ya

Pamela said...

That is a very cute story. I hope one day Isabella, does find her real prince charming!!!

kellieanne said...

The best way to find your prince is through kisses! What a cute story!