Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cute Little Pink Snow Bunnys!!

Olivia Got a new sled for Xmas. So today it snowed, so we took her outside to play in it. I think she enjoyed it very much. I thought about hooking the dog up to it, but the last time I did that Duchess took off running and scared poor Taylor, of course she is a little older now she probably can't go that fast anymore. I will have to work on some sort of sled harness for the dog.

Taylor had fun pulling her around.
Along our way up the road we stopped at To get Gracie,
We also went to get Tabi, the girls had a great time in the snow. Hope the snow stay around so we can play some more another day!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My sweet Olivia is one!!!!!!

Wow!!! My sweet little baby girl Olivia turned one today! I can hardly believe it has been a year already. Why does time fly by so fast these days? You would think getting older it would not go fast, it would be sllooooow....... My little sweet girl is just a little peach , I love every single thing about her, even when she is getting sassy, YES she is getting sassy already, did not think a one year old could throw such a tantrum. It is mostly in a fabric store when she want to feel the fabric and look at the fabric. What have I done she is a fabric nut, she gets mad when I show her fabric and don't keep it in the cart with her, she wants it and she know her pink fabrics too, she searches for them, too funny!
This is her little doll cake I made for her. Isn't she cute!!!??
She really liked her!
She started out very cautious, then she tor into it!!
She was having a blast with the cake until a couple of old fuddy duddys wanted to take her cake away from her! HOW RUDE is that????

After all is it not her cake??? And is that not what you do on your first birthday? When will she ever have a chance to do that again?
Ya see, I don't think she was very happy about it either !!! Look at the face and she has her fists clenched! I think she is saying "Give me my ---- cake back! NOW!!!!! "
OOPS baby's don't swear.
But if looks could kill this one would do it!