Monday, August 19, 2013


Come enjoy a wonderful Community “Sewing Bee” Fundraiser for the 136 year old
Presbyterian Church in American Fork, site of the classic 1984 movie, “Footloose.”

You’re invited to a Free SEW-A-THON!
Friday, Sep. 6, 2013, from 10:00 am to Saturday, Sep.7, 3:00

TO PARTICIPATE: Bring one yard (or more) of good quality quilting fabric to donate, and your own sewing machine.  Come sew for an hour or an all-nighter! There will be contests, team events, trunk shows, classes, field trips, tours of the old Chapel, bake sale treats, great “Footloose” music, and great times!

Bonus: BEGINNERS BASH!  Friday , Sept. 6th,  2:00-3:00pm, will be taught by MooseonthePorch blogger and quilter, Konda Luckau.  You’ll learn all the solid foundations for great quilting. 

Finally, a QUILT SHOW, AUCTION & BAZAAR will be held November 7th – 9th  from 10:00-8:00pm, in the Chapel.  Come see the Chapel with its beautiful new windows and lovely old workmanship, as well as local artists’ quilts, and the finished fruits of our labors!  Our quilts and others will be available for auction and raffle just in time for Christmas!

Come CUT… press that FOOT… & LOOSE your
charitable heart!

All events will be held at: 75 North 100 East, American Fork—
For more details, go to our Facebook page\footloosechurch, or,
call Ella at 801-787-1749

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sixth Grade

Taylor's first day of school!!! To tell you the truth I was a little bit worried this year but he got up early went without fussing and I was so happy... he came home and said how much he enjoyed the first day of school!!! YAY!!!!! He is growing up way too fast! Next year he will b e off to Jr. High school!!!! EEEEKK not looking forward to that! ISH.
Here he is looking like.......hey girls look at me I'm cool!!! LOL He is too funny!!! This is His eleven year picture with his tree, I have been tracking their growth each year and I think Taylor is winning!!!! I did  trim off the lower branches this year since they were way to low so it looks more grown than it is!!! I'm still trying to figure out how this new blogger thing works or I would post a pic of the first pic I took when He was just One year old!!! That's for another day!!! Maybe by his next birthday!!!
Cross your fingers for a great school far so good, keep it up!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Still here!!!!

My little sweet hearts
Since the time I last posted I got a new computer and blogger has changed how it loads pic and such. So here I am Picture-less and all!!! I will just give you  an update!! I have been a busy busy girl!! A three year old keeps me on my toes that is for sure!! We have been enjoying summer for the most part, last Friday we went to the Trafalga and went on the bumper boats WOW I got soaked, the kids at the park were ruthless they could not stop squirting me for a second I could not see a thing so I was squirting blindly!! LOL But it was still fun, good thing it was a hot day!! Next Jenny and I went on the slick track with Olivia and grace as our co drivers, Now that was fun I got off to a very slow start Jenny was at least half way around the track before I caught up to her and PASSED her, Yes I won!!! Waa Hoo!!! Today we will venture off to the pond once again, should be fun!! this week I have alot going on as well there is a quilt show down in Payson going on and I signed up for a mystery quilt class should be interesting hope mine looks good with the fabrics I chose since I have no Idea what it is that I'm making with it!!! (fingers cross) Next Monday I'm also excited for we are doing a Grannie square swap and if I could down load the pics I would show you mine!!! Maybe soon I will learn how to do that tech savvy stuff, for now I will just tell you that the blocks are so cute and they are way out of my color comfort zone, usually I will always do something PINK this time I chose a black and red with yellow centers......Ya not me at all!!! Any Hope you all are having a great summer and I hope to blog a little more!!  OOPS looky there I added a pic from the blog now have to figure out the rest!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter= Beautiful Day!!!

Today was a very Beautiful And I'm not talking about just the weather. Here we have Three Beautiful Children.
Here is a very Beautiful Boy!!! Ok Handsome , but it wasn't going with my Beautiful theme!!!! He is a very Beautiful spirit, today instead of hunting eggs for him self he decided to help Olivia and Gracie. He is a sweety!!!!
We all went to church today on this most Beautiful Easter Sunday and After church they always have an Easter Egg hunt, the kids had a ball!!!
Here we have a Beautiful Quilt made for The Presbyterian Church in American Fork UT. (did you know that the original footloose was filmed in this church back in the 80's) Any way I designed, pieced and quilted this beauty And I must say I kinda like it! Not too bad for never really designing anything before!!

Here we have some Beautiful People being Baptized on this most beautiful and Holy day!!
I really like this one with the minister standing in front of the quilt!!! He makes it look Official!!
Look at all the beautiful Children at church today, I wish there were this many kids on every Sunday!!!
Beautiful Family!!
Beautiful Friends!!! Although Jenny and Gracie are more like family then just a friend!! I love these two more than they know! Thank you Jenny For coming today, you may never know what this has meant to me, You are one of my truest friends and I love you very much!!!
I was playing with the camera trying to get just the right light to capture the window and the quilt and think this one is pretty close but I'm no professional!
The Window is better in this one!!
This was a very Glorious and Beautiful Easter and I loved everything about it!! Thanks be to you Lord Jesus!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quilting time!!!
Check out this post for more info on a very fun weekend of sewing!!! With ME!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Boy And His Grandpa

About 2 years ago I was in a fabric store looking in the clearance section (surprise surprise) Well I had Taylor with me and he found a print he just had to have for Grandpa a quilt, I told him NO, I just had made a quilt for grandpa and his cabin not long before this. Well he kept on bugging me and whining and he said he would make it for him, so I said Ok but YOU are going to make it ....Ya right!!! He did do most of the piecing of the blocks Mom had to help him do the finish work and he even did some of the quilting on it! Finally this year we finished it after many hours and a couple of times changing my mind on the backing for the quilt we finally got to give it to grandpa and of course Grandma too!!!
When the present was open on Christmas I think it was a big surprise, Taylor had kept it from him for over two years now, grandpa had no clue he was even doing this and him and Taylor have a very close relationship. As soon as it was opened the tears started to well up in grandmas eyes which is not a real big deal she cry's over things all the time but this one was a bit different for her and also for grandpa as he was definitely crying. It was a very Happy Happy moment !

Henry was absolutely speechless, trying to hold back the tears.
This is when I began to cry my self !! It was a very tender moment, I think grandpa was touched and very very proud of his boy!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer fun

This is a little bit of what we have been doing this summer.....
for those that don't know... I have been taking care of my niece for about a month and a half .
I have been trying to keep them all busy as possible, having two 2 yr old has been a bit of an adjustment for me, now I know what its like to have a set of twins(sorta).
We found this awesome park this summer, it is a pond that has a beach front and on one side you can swim and the other you can fish, it is the coolest place ever. The kids Love it!!

We have also had a lot of back yard adventures, Taylor has been very helpful with the girls, trying to keep them out of trouble is a big job.

We have also had a few adventures at Grandpas cabin, they also love it there, all new thing to get into.
Add VideoWe finally got to use the back seat in the ranger, the girls love riding back there as you can see. Just wanted to share a few pics with you all hope you are having a great summer as well.