Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sixth Grade

Taylor's first day of school!!! To tell you the truth I was a little bit worried this year but he got up early went without fussing and I was so happy... he came home and said how much he enjoyed the first day of school!!! YAY!!!!! He is growing up way too fast! Next year he will b e off to Jr. High school!!!! EEEEKK not looking forward to that! ISH.
Here he is looking like.......hey girls look at me I'm cool!!! LOL He is too funny!!! This is His eleven year picture with his tree, I have been tracking their growth each year and I think Taylor is winning!!!! I did  trim off the lower branches this year since they were way to low so it looks more grown than it is!!! I'm still trying to figure out how this new blogger thing works or I would post a pic of the first pic I took when He was just One year old!!! That's for another day!!! Maybe by his next birthday!!!
Cross your fingers for a great school year.....so far so good, keep it up!!!

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JoMamma said...

He is a looker. Those are some great pictures. Hope it is a great year!