Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sledding at the cabin!!

Taylor and Olivia had a blast sledding at the cabin. We all went there over New Years it was so much fun. Olivia is definitely going to be an out doors girl.
Just look at my two sweet angels!!
Duchess had to get in on the fun too.

Me and Olivia rode on the sled as dad pulled us with the four wheeler.
We even hooked up Duchess to the baby sled, she did not do the hills well, the first time we hooked her up to a sled was when Taylor was about Olivia's size , Duchess took off up the street and scared poor little Taylor to death, she was much younger then , now she can't really pull the sled Taylor had to push it from behind. :(
She does love to ride on the wheelers!
The kids got out on the road and its a little bit down hill, but the sled was picking up speed and Vince started running after it and then went sliding and diving to catch it, it was kinda funny to watch.