Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding Belle's !!

Isabella was having such fun trying on little dresses, I caught her hugging this mirror and thought is was such a cute picture that I told her to hug the mirror again, she was not interested, so I told her that her sister was in the mirror and wanted to see her and hug her, she said (my sister!!!) She was so thrilled she started to play with her sister in the mirror. It was very cute.

Here she is trying to hold hands with her sister.

She just danced around on the pedestal's.
She twirled and twirled!! I think she had alot of fun, I know mema (that's me)had alot of fun watching her and taking her picture, she is such a joyful little thing! Then she wondered around asking everyone if they had seen her Prince ,where is my prince? I'm the princess, where is my prince?


Peggy said...

Oh,my gosh! Such adorable pictures! And I loved the title. Very clever! :)

tammy said...

That. Is. Adorable! She is a little princess!

kellieanne said...

Ashley made one cute princess. Maybe Bella will find her "prince" and the wedding.