Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Belle PEEP!!

Some body left their peeps on the couch(TAYLOR)and then somebody left Little Belle PEEP(ASHLEY)
and Little Belle PEEP decided she was hungry so she grabbed the closest thing to her, a box of opened PEEPs and started to munch and this is how we found her, she jumped when she was caught and looked at us so cute like, course Taylor was not amused at her cuteness, she had quite the sugar high! Any way just thought I would share some cute pic's , so here they are.She is about 5 month old. Its no wonder she is such a little sweetie she had all that sugar back then.
Little sugar Baby!


tammy said...

Hahaha!!! That's really funny! She looks so adorable surrounded by sucked-on peeps!

Pamela said...

Isabella - looks like she has red hair! Blue is definently her color!

Peggy said...

I like how the peeps are looking like they are giving her kisses!