Monday, February 9, 2009


Here is the coolest car a teenage girl could have(well at least in my opinion) and yes I said teenage and girl. This was Ashley's car in her senior year of high school (spoiled BRAT)Ya her dad let her drive this car (even after I told him NO) and told her she could have it when she graduates with grades of a B and above well she got B's and Above so she got the car. It did not last long, the car was wrecked when we purchased it,Vince fixed it, the car then was wrecked again (by Ashley) $10,000 worth of damage (hood alone cost $2000) to say the least it took a while to fix the car (collecting parts)I said (don't give it back to her, she is not careful)Dad gives it back. After the car was officially hers it was wrecked again and that is the crash you see here,it was TOTALED$17,000 this time,( too bad to fix)BUT this time was NOT her fault. She was very sad, and so were her dad and I this car was going to be part of our Firebird, Trans Am collection.

The next picture you see of the windshield was the imprint of Grandpa's arm, we had all just gone to lunch and we were right in front of her in our 67 convertible Firebird, so lucky it did not hit that car, still not fun.

Front end damage!

Mangled hood!

Battery acid everywhere!

Tore the hood right off the car!


Pamela said...

You took more pictures than I did of the wrecked trooper. I remember you telling me how the accident happened right in front of you. pamela

Piglet de' Erin said...

OH wow...I didn't even remember the accident. that is crazy! good thing everyone was ok.

tammy said...

Awww.....pretty car go bye-bye!! Thank goodness no one was badly hurt......they weren't, were they?

Ella said...

no nobody was badley hurt thank god isabella was in the car.Grandpa just had some bruises and a couple of cuts, nothing too bad

JoMamma said...

That was a beautiful car. I'm glad to hear that no one was hurt.

Peggy said...

Wow. That's pretty impressive to total a car, and to have only minor injuries! Bet that made you love the car even more, huh? What a great protector it was! Maybe it was a good thing Vince let her have the car. A smaller car in that situation could have had devastating results!