Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Filled Day!!!!!

What a perfect day! We started out going to the movies, we went to see How to train your Dragon, What a great movie..... so cute!
then we came back home and colored Easter eggs. Isabella kept telling Taylor I'm the putter in girl, she wanted to be the one to put all the eggs in the cartons, then she told Taylor, hey Taylor you can be the putter in Boy and I can be the putter in Girl. LOL
Isabella was so cute coloring eggs, she got a little carried away putting the eggs in the bowls, she colored three dozen to Taylor's one dozen. And just stuck her hand right in the colors.

Notice the purple is a little low?

Well This is Olivia after she dumped the purple bowl on her, By the way eggs coloring does not come out of clothes.
After the purple mishap we put her in her high chair with bowls and plastic eggs. She had fun any way.
She sorted her eggs, and put them all in one bowl, She started out with three.
Isabella's Grandma (Robin) and Aunt Andrea Came over after we all went to the movies to color eggs.

After coloring eggs, we headed out side to blow a few bubbles. They had fun with that, Taylor would blow the bubbles and Isabella would pop them...... with her tongue! Silly girl!!

Then after the bubble's ran out we went up the see the sheep. They loved that, the kids that is not the sheep, they were a little scared. LOL

It was a great day! Fun was had by all!!!


tammy said...

That was so sweet! I love it when family gets along...that was a good idea with the plastic eggs! I wish I had thought of that with Connor--he spiller our orange!

JoMamma said...

That does look like one fun filled day. I hope you like hard boiled eggs it sounds like you have tons.

Kristiney said...

What a fun say! That's awesome you all got to spend the day together!