Wednesday, April 21, 2010


16 months that is, one of my friends is learning to be a photographer so we got to be her model, these are my shots of her, not very good I know! I defiantly needs lots of help and practice. But I did catch some good expressions of her. She is mommy's little sweet heart.

I think this one is a super sweet look on her face!

She was getting tired, her eyes started to droop she sat in the same place for a very long time oh and I found out she really likes barbies .
She would not put those dolls down.

What a beautiful Baby girl! And she is mine!!! I can't believe God would give such beautiful children to me. I'm a pretty Lucky Lady!!!!


JoMamma said...

She is so beautiful. I can't believe that she is 16 months already. They grow to fast.

Pamela said...

What sweet photos. I love her outfit. 16 months ~ such a sweetheart.

Peggy said...

LOVE them! She is adorable. I love how you caught so many different expressions on her face. I can't believe she's 16! :)