Friday, June 5, 2009

6 months ALREADY!!!!!!

My little Baby Olivia is 6 months old now, it has gone by way to fast. She is a half year old can you believe it? I can't I just want to bottle her up and save her for later. Does she not have the cutest little chipmunk cheeks ever? Every where I go somebody make a comment about her cheeks. Well they are pretty cute and kissable. Daddy calls her, his little pork chop! I hope that one don't stick , she might get a complex.
We had a little photo shoot today. She was more interested in the grass around her than smiling for the camera. She was smiling so big before we went outside .

What a sweet little face! I could just look at it all day! Oh ya I do look at it all day and kiss it too. She is such a great baby, she hardly ever cries, unless she is with dad than she screams. I'm glad in away that she is so attached to me, it would just be nice to have a little me time sometimes. She will be daddy's little girl soon enough, then I will have a little time, right now I'm enjoying every second of her.
Oh my GOSH she is cute!!!!!!!

My sweet little Angel!!!
She has so many little face's. And they are all so sweet. I love you Olivia!!!!


Peggy said...

That second pic is my favorite! I love the look on her face! That's one cute little girl you've got.

Pamela said...

She is such a doll...a little mini Ella. Those cheeks are priceless!!

tammy said...

You are correct. She is uber-adorable and growing up very fast!

Drew and Kristine said...

Wow! 6 months! And still just as pretty!