Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pink is SWEET!!!!!

I would invite this lady to be a pink pickle, if she was the quilting type! Yes if you did not here it , a lady drives this bad boy,or should I say bad girl. Her husband drives a purple one just like it, well almost just like it , this car has a 340 six pack motor his has a big block Hemi. It still gets up and go's with the small block, that's how she wanted it. She wanted the same basic car he had while they were dating. I love the color, these cars came that color from the factory, its named panther pink.
I liked the sign she had in the window. While I was standing there a guy was looking at the car, saying I would not drive that car, I told him, then he was just not comfortable in his manhood then I also told him the husband drives it everywhere. I say if a man is not comfortable driving a bad A car like this he just is not a MAN at all. Same go's for men who can not wear pink. Its a color get over it!


tammy said...

You are correct!!! Any man should be tickled to drive a car like that!! I love that that was actually a factory color!

Joanne said...

Is this Karen's car? I love it. I wished I would have come to the car show. I missed so many of my customers that were there. Karen is soo cool. I'm glad the put the cars in the car show. I know that they are both super proud of them. How about a atta boy to the painter. Kevin Alvey did a great job on both cars.

JoMamma said...

If I owned the car I don't think I would let my husband drive it. I wish I had a cool old car. Very impressive.

kellieanne said...

There is no more pink for me . . from now on I will call pink "panther pink."