Monday, May 11, 2009

Corvette Convention in Vegas!

All of these where a part of a private collection! Just a big warehouse full of cars not just corvette! Vince and I decided we did not fit in with the typical corvette crowd's .You either have to be around 70 years old or in your twenty's, hardly nobody is our age. Taylor made lots of buddy's down at the pool, They could have been his grandpa or grandma but he played and played with them, it was pretty funny, he kept saying I gotta go met my buddy's at the pool they are waiting to play and I told them I would be back down there. He is too funny! And oh so cute! I had more pics but they would not load. I'll try later!

These are the rows of corvette people that came to look at the collection and BBQ!
And rows............. this is just a few they wound clear around the building. The dealership that is was at also had a lot of corvettes on the lot!
This is the car show of all corvettes, on Fremont street in Old town Las Vegas! Its like out door shopping mall with casinos! Yuck!
This one is of the corvettes in the parking lot of our hotel the whole back half of the hotel is nothing but corvette parking, When we got there , their was a row of nothing but yellow one so we parked Tarzan there! This one is not Tarzan , it is just another yellow corvette.


Piglet de' Erin said...

oh wow...pretty pretty cars! fun.

kellieanne said...

It's great you take the family. I can just hear Taylor . . . "remember the car shows I went to as a kid. The cars were cool, but not as cool as all the attention I got from the old crowd." He can warm up to anyone!