Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saying Goodbye..............

Saying goodbye to one of your baby's is not easy, luckily I did not have to see her driven away by her new owner, Vince delivered her to SLC , We got this car a few years back from a guy in Grantsville, he figured he would never restore her so somebody should . It was just a waste sitting in storage. So we bought her brought her home and give her tender loving care, took her heart out, suspension overhaul, transmission overhaul , give her a new makeup job and some new carpet. The guy that owned the car before us had owned it since High school, when we picked it up, his mother was none too pleased, when his brother found out he was also upset since it was his car before that. Now her is the good part of selling this car.
1. we get to pay some bills
2. the purchaser to this car is the guys wife that we bought it from.

Yes the guys wife bought it and plans to surprise him with it on Friday for his Birthday!
Is that not so cool?
He found us this year at the car show and ask if we would sell the car back to him? We said we would have to think about it, so we called him a few days later and he had to talk to his wife, now he had not seen the car yet so they came to look at it, he talked about all the time after that, so his wife decided to get it for him.(I LOVE IT) how sweet is that!! I wish I could see the guys face when he get his car back. That would make it worth not getting the money I thought the car should bring.

She turned out good.
GOODBYE ol girl we will miss you!!! And so will your bothers and sisters (Brothers-Tarzan , Haus, Bandit and little red. Sisters- Betty, Jane,Jane Jr and Stella.) :(


Pamela said...

Even though I know it is hard...she is going to a guy who will appreciate her and his loving wife. Cute story!

tammy said...

Pretty car. Lucky man. Sweet wife.

kellieanne said...

This too shall pass.

JoMamma said...

What an awesome wife. I wish I could see his face too. That is going to be the best surprise ever. What a beautiful car.