Monday, June 18, 2012

Still here!!!!

My little sweet hearts
Since the time I last posted I got a new computer and blogger has changed how it loads pic and such. So here I am Picture-less and all!!! I will just give you  an update!! I have been a busy busy girl!! A three year old keeps me on my toes that is for sure!! We have been enjoying summer for the most part, last Friday we went to the Trafalga and went on the bumper boats WOW I got soaked, the kids at the park were ruthless they could not stop squirting me for a second I could not see a thing so I was squirting blindly!! LOL But it was still fun, good thing it was a hot day!! Next Jenny and I went on the slick track with Olivia and grace as our co drivers, Now that was fun I got off to a very slow start Jenny was at least half way around the track before I caught up to her and PASSED her, Yes I won!!! Waa Hoo!!! Today we will venture off to the pond once again, should be fun!! this week I have alot going on as well there is a quilt show down in Payson going on and I signed up for a mystery quilt class should be interesting hope mine looks good with the fabrics I chose since I have no Idea what it is that I'm making with it!!! (fingers cross) Next Monday I'm also excited for we are doing a Grannie square swap and if I could down load the pics I would show you mine!!! Maybe soon I will learn how to do that tech savvy stuff, for now I will just tell you that the blocks are so cute and they are way out of my color comfort zone, usually I will always do something PINK this time I chose a black and red with yellow centers......Ya not me at all!!! Any Hope you all are having a great summer and I hope to blog a little more!!  OOPS looky there I added a pic from the blog now have to figure out the rest!!!!

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April M. said...

You gotta be kidding me! Everything you just said, is MY favourite thing to do, every day! - Nacho Libre