Friday, October 30, 2009

My Sweet Peas

Here is my sweet little pea pod, grandma made Olivia peas in a pod I call her sweet peas! There were three peas on the costume but the other peas would not fit. They kinda get in the way of crawling, they were making her mad, she just ripped them off. Wow she is cute!
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This is my little cute pirate boy, grandma also made his costume, to his specs, he had to have brown pants that were torn looking. Hope they get to go trick or treating Taylor has been out of school for the last three days, but feeling much better today.


Peggy said...

They look so great!! Fabulous costumes. I'm glad Taylor is feeling better. Nothing worse for a kid than being too sick to go trick-or-treating!!

Oh! Does that mean you are going to be able to do the Zombie dance, then? I'll be crossing my fingers.

tammy said...

They look adorable!! What a cute little veggie!

Joanne said...

OMG!!!! First- Olivia is getting so big!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that costume. She is so cute. Second-My little sweet taylor is growing like a weed and he is SO FREAKING HANDSOME!!! My little sweeties need to see me soon. I miss you all so much!!! Love you.

Pamela said...

My boys were so sick with the swine flu on Halloween, we did got out for a few hours. So glad to hear Taylor felt better and was rock'in his pirate costume.