Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter= Beautiful Day!!!

Today was a very Beautiful And I'm not talking about just the weather. Here we have Three Beautiful Children.
Here is a very Beautiful Boy!!! Ok Handsome , but it wasn't going with my Beautiful theme!!!! He is a very Beautiful spirit, today instead of hunting eggs for him self he decided to help Olivia and Gracie. He is a sweety!!!!
We all went to church today on this most Beautiful Easter Sunday and After church they always have an Easter Egg hunt, the kids had a ball!!!
Here we have a Beautiful Quilt made for The Presbyterian Church in American Fork UT. (did you know that the original footloose was filmed in this church back in the 80's) Any way I designed, pieced and quilted this beauty And I must say I kinda like it! Not too bad for never really designing anything before!!

Here we have some Beautiful People being Baptized on this most beautiful and Holy day!!
I really like this one with the minister standing in front of the quilt!!! He makes it look Official!!
Look at all the beautiful Children at church today, I wish there were this many kids on every Sunday!!!
Beautiful Family!!
Beautiful Friends!!! Although Jenny and Gracie are more like family then just a friend!! I love these two more than they know! Thank you Jenny For coming today, you may never know what this has meant to me, You are one of my truest friends and I love you very much!!!
I was playing with the camera trying to get just the right light to capture the window and the quilt and think this one is pretty close but I'm no professional!
The Window is better in this one!!
This was a very Glorious and Beautiful Easter and I loved everything about it!! Thanks be to you Lord Jesus!!!


tammy said...

Awesome post, Ella! I loved it all!

April M. said...

What a Beautiful day! The quilt is amazing :)