Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Boy And His Grandpa

About 2 years ago I was in a fabric store looking in the clearance section (surprise surprise) Well I had Taylor with me and he found a print he just had to have for Grandpa a quilt, I told him NO, I just had made a quilt for grandpa and his cabin not long before this. Well he kept on bugging me and whining and he said he would make it for him, so I said Ok but YOU are going to make it ....Ya right!!! He did do most of the piecing of the blocks Mom had to help him do the finish work and he even did some of the quilting on it! Finally this year we finished it after many hours and a couple of times changing my mind on the backing for the quilt we finally got to give it to grandpa and of course Grandma too!!!
When the present was open on Christmas I think it was a big surprise, Taylor had kept it from him for over two years now, grandpa had no clue he was even doing this and him and Taylor have a very close relationship. As soon as it was opened the tears started to well up in grandmas eyes which is not a real big deal she cry's over things all the time but this one was a bit different for her and also for grandpa as he was definitely crying. It was a very Happy Happy moment !

Henry was absolutely speechless, trying to hold back the tears.
This is when I began to cry my self !! It was a very tender moment, I think grandpa was touched and very very proud of his boy!!!


Jason and Amy said...

that is so sweet. what a good boy

Kristine said...


tammy said...

Aww...that is pretty amazing! And the quilt looks awesome!!

JoMamma said...

Beautiful Quilt & Story. Your son is amazing.