Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Patty!!!!♥

My Dear Friend Pat had a birthday in February, and guess who forgot it? Yep it was me alright!!:( So I had to make up for it and I made her a bag... a HAPPY bag.... see below....
Miss Pat is my visiting teacher, So I used that opportunity to make up for totally spacing off her birthday and through her a SURPRISE merry un-birthday! See she has the lesson in hand!
This is her face after I brought her into the kitchen were everybody was waiting quietly to surprise her.
Here is that Happy bag I was telling you about!
And here are some pics of the yummy food that was brought by the party goers! Tammy did this beautiful Salad!!
Jenny brought these to the party!!
I did Chocolate dipped strawberry's and a roasted red pepper soup
I did not get a pic of the Yummy soup or the yummy bread that Pat's daughter Jeanette made, But here is a pic of my sweet baby girl enjoying her soup!
Here is the beautiful cake that two lovely lady's spent alot of time on (Shanelle and Jenny) Since pat Loves Cinderella, they did this gorgeous and YUMMY cake!! Thank you Lady's for Helping out with such a great party!!!
Little miss Cinderella here had an accident before the party and we had to do major surgery on her, but she came out of it ok!!!
Here is the sweet birthday Girl!!
Love you miss Patty!!! Oh ya and thanks to Wade and Danielle for getting a sunshiny, smiley CD together for the special lady above!!!♥


Kimmie said...

WOW Ella! You are the best!!!

Kristiner said...

What a fun time! That's so sweet of you to plan that! Awesome cake! Happy Birthday Pat!

Pamela said...

What a wonderful party. Pat really, really deserved it and you are such a wonderful friend for celebrating. Looks like everyone did an amazing job!!