Monday, May 10, 2010

Toy Story!!!

Olivia discovered this Jessi doll that was Taylor's a couple of weeks ago, since then she has not let Jessi out of her site. She absolutely LOVES her. If she loses her for some strange reason she walks around the house with her little hand held up suggesting were is she mumbling something that I don't really understand, but I know what she wants and she don't give up until she finds her. She even takes her to bed with her and has her in her clutches until morning when I pick her up out of her bed in the morning Jessi is in her hands. When i but her in the car seat Jessi is in her hands, she won't lose contact with her not even for a second to let me put the seat belt on.
See this is just after waking up!!
I did not notice that When I took these pics that the doll was in them also! What cute little girls!!! I Love My Little O and MY B!!! Look at the smile on her face looking at that doll.

She Holds her very close to her body.
Here she got distracted for a split second, when I went to pick her up she grabbed her from me like a dog taking back its food you just took. not quite that vicious but you get the picture.

She feeds her everything she eat and then some, she is quite the little mommy! She even gets wipes out though out the day and cleans her face and hands off. But She does have a clothe body and has a talker box in her and can not be washed, I'm going to have to try to clean her some how some day when I can get her away from her for a day.LOL Ya right!!

She sits with her she dances with her, if you ask her wee Jessi is she holds her up and gets the biggest smile on her face. I have never seen a baby this small like a toy this much.
And LOOK at Jessi she is Happier than ever she has Olivia for her best friend, and she don't seem to mind that she is dirtier than dirt!!


tammy said...

Cute! You know that Jessie is loving that!! I love kids little obsessions!

Kristiner said...

Cute!! I love that she wanted to give her tylenol! ha haha!

JoMamma said...

I think that is so cute when kids get attached to a toy.

Gooberfest said...

Hello Miss Ella, I just wanted to let you know about my new blog. I won't be doing much with my old one (Gublerfamilyblog) anymore so go to now to read updates on me and the fam. Love youuu!

Pamela said...

She is just adorable with her Jessie Doll. So cute!