Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sign Him up!!!

Taylor is ready for what ever may come his way! He makes a cute soldier, but I'm sure glad he is not one. Could Imagine your little boy in harms way? Not me, I don't even want to think about it! But somebodies little boys are over in Afghanistan fighting for our country! Risking their lives for our freedom. I pray for these men and women! It's weird that I actually know somebody that is over there, Isabella's Dad is over there and his parents have not heard from him since Christmas. I hope he is all right. How they must feel? Its unimaginable!!
Any way , sorry got side tracked. Vince has been finding Taylor real army gear on the Internet! That why is looks so big on him, its the smallest that they make. Taylor was a little bit upset that it was big on him, I told him, well they don't have eight year old signing up for the army son. LOL That helmet weighs more than his head!
Dad has also been taking him out for a little target practice, He is a great shot already!
He had so much fun, I also had fun picking up brass shells out there, its like picking up sea shells on the beach it's addicting, I could not stop my self. I know I'm weird!


JoMamma said...

He looks awesome! I am so grateful for the men and women who protect us.

Peggy said...

He looks like he loves the clothes whether they're big on him or not!

And not hearing from him since Christmas?! That's one of those things where if you find out your kid has been fine all along, you then want to kill them.

kellieanne said...

Ain't nothin' wrong with having a solider around the house. Carson is looking at the military when he gratuates next year. He is looking at Air Force Academy or doing ROTC at Utah State or BYU. He wants to be in the Air Force to help him with his engineering major. I would be so proud of him if he does it. Proud and scared. I will never tell him that. The thought of not hearing from him for 3 months scares me. It's so amazing what people are willing to do. I love our soldiers!