Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Ollie!

Is this not the cutest little Easter Ollie you have ever seen?
Just want to share a few pics of my baby with you all.
Look at the sweet face!
And the cheeks! oooh I can't take it! I just want to smooch her!


Peggy said...

Very, VERY adorable baby, Ella!! I love the one where she is looking in the basket. So cute!!

Pamela said...

Happy Easter Olivia!!! She is just the sweetest little thing in her Easter outfit and hat. Olivia is getting so big, look at her sitting up and being a big girl. Great pics by the way!!

Eric and Megan said...

Hey Ella! It was so much fun to come over today and visit. Olivia is aboslutely adorable! Hopefully I'll be seeing you around the neighborhood a lot more...and I talked to Amy about coming by on Sunday to check out your quilting skills :-)

Nick and Emily said...

i'm so glad you stopped by my blog. so in turn i could find yours. looks like you're getting pretty good with the new camera. how awesome. your girl is such a hunny. i love it and i'll keep checking your blog.